Transcription: NBC 10 – On the Road Interview with Arlene Foreman

1:21 Minutes

Lauren Mayk: Arlene Foreman is a mental health counselor whose specialties include anger management. She showed us what we can’t see on the road, what’s happening to a driver, or anyone getting angry.

Arlene: And you see the brain is quiet but it’s starting to light up. You see that he is mad.

Lauren Mayk: “It makes it harder,’’ she says ‘’to process information.’’, so she teaches clients, sometimes referred by a court or a spouse, this: 

Arlene: You tell yourself ‘’I’m someone who has a tendency to road rage.’’, and you practice ‘’breath’’ – short breath in, long slow breath out. 

Lauren Mayk: It calms down the driver’s adrenaline. And while she says road rage tends to happen with people who have a short fuse, it doesn’t mean everyone who knows that person will see it.

Arlene: They’re in a car by themselves, and there is some kind of odd kind of power that people get in their own car and something sets them off and ‘poof!’

Lauren Mayk: And she says the breathing exercises and other tactics that she teaches her  clients – they work! But she is also dealing with people who are coming in wanting to deal with anger issues and that is very different from someone who doesn’t. Live in East Falls, I’m Lauren Mayk. NBC 10 News. 

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